Symposium in Honor of

John Mylopoulos' 60th Birthday



"From Conceptual Modeling to Computational Ontologies: The Saga Continues"



Tuesday June 17, 2003, co-located with CAiSE'03

Velden (Austria)



If you want to celebrate with Mr. Mylopoulos mail to



John Mylopoulos, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Toronto, has been deeply involved for a third of a century in high profile research and teaching on the theoretical foundations of conceptual models and their applications in Computer Science. Initially geared to support information systems analysts and designers, his work has recently shifted focus on modeling aspects of the real world, including enterprises, business organizations and social settings.


The symposium, held in honor of his many major contributions in the above fields, is intended to be an opportunity for scholars to present, discuss, and exchange ideas on the topic of Conceptual Modeling, its place in Computer Science and its future directions. At the same time, this meeting is intended to celebrate John's 60th birthday, and we therefore wish to see it as a gathering of friends sharing the pleasure to meet and cheer John.





9:00 Opening and welcome to the participants

Michele Missikoff


9:30 Keynote on the Conceptual Modeling Saga

John Mylopoulos




(Names of panelists to be communicated shortly)


10:00 Conceptual Modeling: Basic issues.

Formal semantics or intuition? Graphs or Logics? Do basics have an impact, or is an academic exercise?

Chair: Alex Borgida (Rutgers University, USA)


11:15 Coffee Break


11:45 Conceptual Modeling and eBusiness.

From BPML to WSDL and ebXML, business is moving to modeling: Are they evolving or rediscovering the wheel?

Chair: Matthias Jarke (Aachen University, Germany)


13:00 Lunch Break


14:15 Conceptual Modeling and Software Architectures.

Programming is giving the stage to modeling. OMG is pushing Model Driven Architectures, UML is the ubiquitous software specification standard, XML is the declarative side, ... is software coding disappearing and Conceptual Modeling becoming the real software revolution?

Chair: Joachim Schmidt (TU Harburg-Hamburg, Germany)


15:30 Coffee Break


16:00 Conceptual modeling and Ontologies.

Is it the old good soup reheated, or is it a breakthrough? Or are we simply witnessing the maturity of Conceptual Modeling, and the maturity of Computer Applications, that need a more rigorous approach to specification?

Chair: Michele Missikoff (LEKS, IASI-CNR, Italy)


17:15 Toasting and cheering.


20:00 Gala Dinner